Terms Of Use

  1. b2bheaven grants each Subscriber a non-exclusive license to use the Influencer Database strictly on the terms and conditions listed here.  
  2. The ownership and copyright of the Influencer Database, as updated from time to time, belongs only to b2bheaven. The Subscriber has no ownership or copyright of the Influencer Database.
  3. The license to use the Influencer Database is granted only to the Subscriber.    
  4. The Subscriber agrees not to copy, transmit or sell the Influencer Database, or the information therein, or any portion thereof.  
  5. The Subscriber agrees not to allow anyone other than the Subscriber to use the Influencer Database, or the information it contains, or any portion thereof. The Subscriber agrees not to allow anyone else to use the Subscriber’s password to access the Influencer Database.
  6. The license is granted for periods of one-year (365 calendar days) beginning on the day b2bheaven receives payment from the credit card of the Subscriber for that following year. No full or partial refunds will be given. The Subscriber authorizes b2bheaven to charge the Subscriber’s credit card for successive years, unless the Subscriber notifies b2bheaven not to do so prior to beginning of a new year.
  7. The b2bheaven Influencer Database contains potential social media profiles for the Subscriber to contact. It is up to the Subscriber to decide which of the influencers on the Influencer Database the Subscriber choses to reach out to. It is up to the Subscriber to communicate with people on the Influencer Database and try to reach deal. B2bheaven does not promise that any or all of the Influencers listed on the Influencer Database will be suitable to partner with the Subscriber User, or that they will agree to partner with the Subscriber.  
  8. The Subscriber agrees to be professional and courteous in all of its communications with the influencers on the Influencer Database.
  9. The Subscriber agrees to use the Influencer Database and the information it contains only for the purpose of introducing the Subscriber to influencers listed on the Influencer Database, and for no other purpose.
  10. The Subscriber agrees that its use of the data base and the information it contains (a) will not violate any laws, (b) will not conflict with any agreement or understanding to which the Subscriber is a party, and (c) will not infringe the intellectual property rights of anyone.    
  11. The Subscriber understands and agrees that there may be periods of time when the Influencer Database cannot be accessed due to reasons beyond the control of b2bheaven (for example, when there is a power outage or when the internet service provider is down). 
  12. The Subscriber agrees to indemnity, defend and hold harmless b2bheaven, and its members, managers, owners, employees and agents from any claim, demand or liability arising out of or related to any violation of the Terms of Use by the Subscriber.
  13. The license to use the Influencer Database may be suspended or terminated if b2bheaven has reason to believe that the Subscriber has violated any of the Terms of Use. If that happens, the Subscriber will not be entitled to any refund. B2B Heaven follows a strict no refunds policy.